Face Masks


Protect Yourself With High-Quality Face Masks

You can keep yourself, your family and your employees safe at all times with high-quality Devon + Lang face masks from Healthy Space Technologies. We pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone has higher levels of protection against the spread of bacteria and viruses while offering comfort and easy breathability at all times. Our face masks make it easy and convenient for you to wear them all day long, ensuring you have protection in any environment, at home, work or in public spaces. 

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What Makes Our PPE So Valuable?

We procure our PPE face masks from Devon + Lang, a recognized and hugely reliable provider of quality protective products. Made from a silver-infused anti-odorizing premium modal, with a filter pocket that holds the PM2.5 filters, our face masks provide more breathability and comfort than other face masks. You will be able to breathe easily in your mask all day without taking it off.

 Our Devon + Lang face masks are:

 **3-Layer non-medical mask offering more protection and comfort
 **Are available in three sizes to create the perfect fit
 **Are breathable, lightweight, and soft-to-touch
**Have a replaceable wire nose piece (for adult masks only)
 **Children models offer infinitely adjustable ear straps designed to fit children ages 3-and-up
**Available in three different colours: black, opal and heather grey

We have face masks available for both adults and children. If you have questions about our face masks, feel free to contact our experts.  

Order Your Face Masks Today

There is no time like the present when protecting you, your friends and family, and your employees. Wearing face masks in high-exposure areas and environments protects you, as well as everyone around you, reducing the chances of contracting bacteria, germs and viruses, including the flu and COVID-19. Enhance your safety and stop the spread of germs with our face masks. Place your order from Healthy Space Technologies today.
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