ULV Foggers & Electrostatic Sprayers


Precise & Powerful 
ULV Foggers & Electrostatic Sprayers

With an innovative electrostatic sprayer, you can create a safe, healthy and clean facility or home for you, your employees and your family. The precision and the powerful effectiveness of these sprayers make cleaning your environments easier and more efficient than ever. Perfect for all types of commercial enterprises, such as medical centres, restaurants and retail stores, and ideal for residential properties, you’ll experience the next level of disinfectant performance with an electrostatic sprayer. Let Healthy Space Technologies guide you with our selection.

What Our ULV Foggers & Electrostatic Sprayers Offer

You can enjoy a wealth of functional benefits, including: 

 **Touchless Application Unlike other disinfectant solutions, you won’t be required to touch or wipe surfaces with an electrostatic sprayer. As a handheld disinfectant sprayer, you’ll be able to apply solutions across all surfaces and areas, eliminating harmful bacteria and germs while using less solution. 

 **Reduce Possible Cross-ContaminationMost spray-and-wipe techniques and applications can essentially move bacteria from one surface to another, increasing the possibility of cross-contamination. An electrostatic sprayer can reduce any contamination with its touchless solutions.

**Cost-Effective ApplicationWhen you consider the simplicity of use and the sprayer's effectiveness, coupled with the reduced usage of disinfectants, you’ll save money and enjoy increased value with one of these sprayers. 

 **Portable and Easy to UseWith cordless electrostatic sprayers that are lightweight, simple to fill and use, and fully rechargeable, so you can use them when you want and in any situation.

Check Our ULV Foggers & Electrostatic Sprayers Options

At Healthy Space Technologies, we provided an array of options that can aid with disinfecting your workplace or home. Our products include Disinfectant Foggers, such as the Cobalt 10L Backpack ULV Fogger, Cordless Handheld Electrostatic ULV Sprayer (Single and Double Battery Models), and Victory Handheld and Backpack sprayers. We can provide you with information to choose the right device for your home or office with our advice and guidance. Please contact us for more details about our electrostatic sprayers.
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